All sales of digital products are final.
Purchases made are a statement that customers agree to all Terms and Conditions.

Procedure One
Buy Now Options Part a

a) Customers may use the BTCPay Buy Now (orange button) exclusively for Bitcoin -- BTC transaction via the Lightning Network. Buy Now is for single item purchases only. For BTC Lightning Network, a BTCPay Invoice will appear to complete the transaction. Selecting the BTC icon > at the top allows the customer to choose the Lightning Network. For a choice of currencies (blue button), the customer is taken to a NowPayments page with the Michael's Book Corner Invoice. Customers are encouraged to leave an email address for notification that the payment is confirmed. Delivery times are reduced further if the confirmation message is forwarded to [email protected] The payment confirmation e-mail address need not be identifying but inclusion of the MBC order number IS REQUIRED for customer service and delivery.

Procedure One
Buy Now Options Part b

b) Customers may use the NowPayments Buy Now (blue button)for a wide variety of currency choices plus credit card transactions. Entering or clicking the link takes the customer to a NowPayments Page containing the invoice in a new tab. The fee for credit card is 4% and is processessed through a NowPayments Partner. will process the payment in the currency selected by the customer. The amount paid is set by the exchange rate at the time of payment. The invoice link is also included in the order confirmation e-mail sent to the customer.

Procedure One
Buy Now Options Part c

c) Once the invoice is verified as paid, the customer will receive, via email, a codeword required to download each product or in the case of ebooks, a direct mailing of the product as an attachment. Codewords are to be entered on our Paid Downloads page found under the Payments drop-down menu. There the customer may download their chosen items. If only e-books are ordered, or ebooks with Audiobooks, the customer may request that the e-book of his/her chosen format to be sent via e-mail. Audiobook files are too large to send via e-mail and must be downloaded. Remember, the codeword for the product will only be viable for 24 hours.

Procedure Two
BTCPay Server 'Cart'

This site utilizes BTCPay Server for BTC Only BTC payments via the Lightning Network. Choosing the Lightning Network may be done by clicking the BTC > selector on the pop-up invoice. Lightning Network is designed for smaller transactions and speedier processing. Multiple items purchased with BTC may utilize the BTCPay Cart (Payments drop-down list). A customer delivery address is required to send the download code words, ebook product, or for customer service. The e-mail address need not contain identifying information but will be the ONLY contact point with the customer. Fulfillment of BTCPay Server orders are processed as in part c) of Procedure One -- the customer provided with codeword(s) for downloading purchases.

Michael’s Book Corner –
Terms and Conditions

1. Due to the nature of digital products -- All sales are final.
2. All prices are posted in the fiat currency of U.S. Dollars. These prices are issued for reference only due to the volatility of crypto-currencies.
3. The final price paid in crypto-currency will in all likelihood vary from when the order was placed to when the invoice is paid. This is assumed to be understood by the customer. The value of the crypto-currency in US Dollars is set at the time each invoice is paid or BTCPay Server processes the payment.
4. Michael's Book Corner is designed to take crypto-currencies as payment. BTCPay Server processes BTC Only. For a choice of crypto-currencies, charges a nominal fee per transaction of 0.5-1.0%. NowPayments provides a much wider range of currencies to choose from, or one may pay with $USD via credit card or ApplePay through charges an additional 4% to change Fiat Currency ($USD, euros, etc.) into BTC for all credit card transactions. We wish our customers to have a choice. Issues with processing via ApplePay or Credit Card must be taken up with directly. Michael's has no control over those transactions via their third-party credit card processing partner(s).
5. In placing an order, the customer thereby agrees to these terms and conditions.

Michael's Book Corner
Order Instructions/Delivery Information/Terms and Conditions is not fully automated -- yet! Please read the order instructions carefully! They are not that difficult -- we promise. Our 'Buy Now' buttons have just been added for processing via We have rolled out our fully functioning shopping cart for this website. Please, if there are any issues regarding bugs with the payment systems, do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected] or [email protected]