Resources for Writers

Stellar Media Club -- A place for writers, authors, creators. Your story can change the world.

goodreads.com -- A place for writers, readers, reviews and more. Writers are showcased here.

HARO: Help A Reporter Out -- Contribute to news and feature articles. Draw traffic to your website and your writing.

Copyrights World -- Bolster your copyrights with block-chain and crowd sourced records.

Creative Commons -- Building a vibrant, collaborative global commons.

Mixkit -- Royalty free music/audio/video with attribution.

Joystock -- Royalty free music/audio/video with attribution.

TinyURL.com -- Shrink website URLs and personalize with your brand. Perfect for social media such as Twitter.

Chris Rosser -- Author and webite developer. chrisrosser.net

Matchmaker.fm -- Connecting Podcasters & Guests

Friendly Podcasts

Literary Pleasures -- Podcast discussing books with authors plus reviews. Lagos Nigeria

Pen Podcast -- Podcast discussing books with authors. Host-Mathew Harms, NYC, NY

The Fact Hunter -- Podcast discussing books and the lesser covered topics. Host-George Hobbes, Delaware

Chat & Spin Radio (Non-Profit) -- Interviews with Book Authors / Bands / Singers / Charities / Businesses / Groups. Hosts: Ian Johnson & Ron Clark, United Kingdom.

Tools for Sound, Video, Marketing & SEO, or Website Development

Kapwing.com -- Video editor for in your browser. Make book trailers and promotional video.

VSDC -- Popular video editor free to download. Make book trailers and promotional video.

Sigil & Page Edit -- E-book editor for .epub industry standard format convertible to .mobi or .pdf

Audacity -- popular free recording and editing software. Perfect for recording audio books.

MailerLite -- Build/maintain mailing lists. A/B Testing. Free-to-Start opt-in promotional email tools.

Schema.org -- Industry standard for structured data -- add to web pages to enhance Google search.

Zapier -- Resource for simplifying connections with application webhooks.

NOWPayments -- Cryptocurrency processing and API.

ExitPay (Non-Profit) -- Hosting a Bitcoin Node for BTCPay Server. Processing of Bitcoin transactions via the Lightning Network.

InfinityFree.net -- Free website hosting and SSL

Cloudflare.com -- Protect your website from cyber attacks, get free SSL