Transaction Status*: Pending
Order Created: Pending
Order Updateed: Pending

Order Summary

Order ID: Awaiting Payment ID input.
Order Description: Pending
Price Amount: $Pending
Price Currency: Pending
Pay Currency: Pending
Payment Created: Pending
Status Updated: Pending

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Enter the Payment ID from your confirmation email to verify the transaction. If the order is not finalized, a code will appear indicating Transaction Status. If the transaction is not complete, try again in 10-15 minutes. If the transaction has not completed in an hour or more, please contact

*NowPayments Transaction Status
(From NOWPayments API)

  • waiting - waiting for the customer to send the payment. The initial status of each payment. confirming - the transaction is being processed on the blockchain. Appears when NOWPayments detect the funds from the user on the blockchain.
  • confirmed - the process is confirmed by the blockchain. Customer’s funds have accumulated enough confirmations.
  • sending - the funds are being sent to the vendor's wallet. We are in the process of sending the funds to the vendor.
  • partially_paid - it shows that the customer sent the less than the actual price. Appears when the funds have arrived in the vendor's wallet.
  • finished - the funds have reached the vendor's wallet address and the payment is finished.
  • failed - the payment wasn't completed due to the error of some kind.
  • refunded - the funds were refunded back to the customer.
  • expired - the customer didn't send the funds to the specified address in the 24 hour time window.

Payment Delays

Important: It is necessary to settle the transaction within 24 hours of the order. will expire the transaction 24 hours after the payment is opened if there is no activity.

Note: Some currencies may take several minutes or more for the transaction to complete. We've done our best to minimize any currency conversion by seeking to make all transactions straight across, i.e. XMR to XMR or DGB to DGB, etc.. When your wallet verifies the purchase, the download may proceed. The download process will indicate whether or not the transaction is complete through and Michael's Book Corner.

Once again, thank you for your interest and our purchase.