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The Van Leeuwan Trilogy

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The Van Leeuwan Trilogy
Breaking Away!

This prequel series may be read before or after Sol is Not Lost and For the Ages. The Van Leeuwan Trilogy is a wild ride taking place long before Trevor Van Leeuwan has his trials. Great-grandfather, Marcus Aurelius, his brother Hans-Hermann Hoppe, wife Gretchen, friends and unlikely allies begin the exploration of the galaxy to find a new haven for those who don't just talk about freedom, but live it and defend it.

A generation of prodigies who know the enemy when they see it, begin their survey to find a new home among the stars. This was to be a breakaway human colony where tax farmers and their cronies would be a thing of nightmare stories for children but nothing more. With advanced technology not to be shared with the princes of plunder, they explore the galaxy but defend the Mars Frontier and other bastions of independence. We always thought it would be the self-appointed elite who establish a breakaway civilization, but what if the good guys got their first? The early days are not so easy despite Marcus Aurelius' invention of Faster-Than-Light drive! These three books, The Gifted, The Serendipity Factor, and Treason follow Marcus Aurelius, friends, and family as they battle the forces of darkness -- those who believe in arbitrary violent hierarchies. This saga is not dystopian, but hopeful. The characters are not superheroes in any sense other than that they stand by their convictions. They are not sitting and taking a beating to prove a point but taking the fight to the enemy -- leading by example!

This series is fun, humorous (sometimes sarcastic), and full of high adventure! All the while, it tackles technologies and social structures from present to future! The writing harkens back to the classic era of science-fiction. Early reviews compare Mr. Scharen's work to Robert Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke, and Kim Stanley Robinson. The Gifted is the first in the series, followed by The Serendipity Factor, then an epic story in Treason. All three are prequels to Sol is Not Lost and For the Ages. The books may be read in any order, though the Trilogy is best starting from the beginning.

The Van Leeuwan Trilogy

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