Sol is Not Lost!
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Who sold them out?

Marcus Aurelius awoke from a fevered dream on an alien planet he hoped might be home. The two co-orbiting Earth-like planets of Magellan and Bering were like a paradise. The climate was perfect. They weighed a bit more on Magellan than Earth and a bit less on the sister planet, Bering. Thus far they were friendly to Earth creatures -- human and livestock -- as well as many food crops. But there was danger, as always.

There were spies everywhere wanting to know the secrets of Marcus and his friends. This was to be a breakaway human colony among the stars and only this group had the technology to get here. Ties were still strong in the Sol System and their freedom loving brothers always needed help. The former President, now appointed Senator Cho, her crony capitalist ally, Malcolm Aldrich, (while still paid) was dodging a murder charge as he aided in her private war on the Mars Frontier where tax farmers were banned. His estranged lover -- also a sociopath -- was working toward the same end but only to increase her own power over Malcolm. But had one of their own colonists sold them out for a bag of ruthenium ingots? And who might be the unwitting or unlikely allies in determining the truth? The trial of a future century is about to begin! Find out how Marcus Aurelius Van Leeuwan and friends take on the nihilists while trying to hold on to their dreams.

This third book of the Van Leeuwan Trilogy, is a wonderful stand-alone read! The Gifted is the first in the series, followed by The Serendipity Factor, and all three are prequels to Sol is Not Lost and For the Ages. The books may be read in any order, though the Trilogy is best starting from the beginning.


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