Sol is Not Lost

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Early Testimonials...

“Mr. Michael Scharen's novel, Sol is Not Lost looks back to the 1950s to 1960s era of science fiction. The novel's plot, characterization, and subject matter strongly remind me of Robert Heinlein's Libertarian leaning works. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, If This Goes On, and The Roads Must Roll come to mind.“ – Michael Bertrand, review

"The scenes on Mars are realistic and the descriptions of the settlements and transportation vehicles are both well-thought out and imaginative. The author uses his physics background to embellish the story in a way that will please the kind of readers who have loved Arthur C. Clarke or Kim Stanley Robinson." – Casey Dorman, review

Sol is Not Lost

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Trevor Van Leeuwan returns to Earth on a routine cargo run. His company has just struck oil on Mars. The Harudas mine asteroids and everyone on the Mars Frontier gets along fine without the boots of governments on their neck. Then a stowaway shows up after his cargo spacecraft, the Michael Faraday, takes off. The game is afoot as the powers that be once again try to outflank an unsuspecting public but the stakes have gone up. Pirates appear in deep space. Quasi-military start throwing their weight around on Mars and throughout the asteroid belt. But who are the real pirates? Trevor and friends investigate, then take action in defense of their freedom.

Early Review -- 4 stars -- 2021-05-18

'Sol is not Lost’ harks back to an earlier style of sci-fi writing. It is gritty, and has an almost old fashioned feel. If, like, me you spent a lot of time reading anything you could lay your hands on from the lost box of sci-fi under the 2nd hand bookstall, you are going to love this. The pace feels measured, slowly accelerating into an absolute page turner of a story which kept me on the edge of my seat until the end. As a non-scientist reader it felt exceptionally well researched and the technical descriptions neither grated nor got in the way of the plot, In fact the explanations added to the solid feel of the world and enhanced understanding of how it fitted together and operated. In keeping with the style of the work the emotions of the characters are not deeply explored, there is sufficient depth to make them real and vital, but this is not a novel about the fate of one emotionally tortured hero against the odds, but rather a deeper look into how a group can interrelate and work together against a threat. I couldn’t put this down, and will be reading the sequel, and re-reading this."

S. MacAndrew