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The Serendipity Factor

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The Serendipity Factor
The Search Continues...

Battling monsters in space or their counterparts in Earth institutions, the Serendipity Factor could lead anywhere. Marcus Aurelius Van Leeuwan with family and friends meet more overachievers and free-thinkers like themselves. He figured it would happen eventually. They hailed from South America, Germany, North Carolina, Canada as well as Mars.

Others had read his paper on FTL propulsion then followed his lead -- filling in the blanks as needed. They bided their time and made their plans to shed the instituionalized violence and the drab, forced mediocrity of what others called society. While exploring the stars for a new home they gave back to the largely ungrateful while publicly lampooning the so-called experts.

This second book of the Van Leeuwan Trilogy is a wonderful stand-alone read! The Gifted is the first in the series but all three are prequels to Sol is Not Lost and For the Ages. The order, however, is not critical as all are equally entertaining!

The Serendipity Factor

$3.25 USD e-book / 8.75 audio