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The Gifted

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Where it all began...

It had been some time since anyone had shaken up society as much as this new batch of prodigies. Many feared them or shunned them but the usual cult practices had no effect on such people. Most were not seeking fame or power or glory but only to be left alone. In this prequel to Sol is Not Lost, the great-grandfather of Trevor Van Leeuwan encounters other prodigies like himself and whom he could trust implicitly with his greatest accomplishment -- a Faster-Than-Light space vehicle. He would meet others like himself including Margarita from Peru, Nelson from Alberta, Canada, Sean from Washington, D.C., and Gabriella from Mexico. They knew much of their technology would only make things worse if the powers that be knew they existed. They were causing enough trouble as it was reminding people they were not free by just saying so, but had to be overtly free in action.

The Gifted both breaks the old and explores new paradigms through old-fashioned adventure and humor, but with some thought provoking analysis along the way.

The Gifted

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