First volume of The Van Leeuwan Trilogy

This is the first book of The Van Leeusan Trilogy. Each book in turn is an excellent stand-alone sci-fi novel. It may be read before or after Sol is Not Lost or For the Ages. The series is a prequel to those two works.

In a Warehouse Near Boca Chica, Texas...

It's back to the beginning with Trevor Van Leeuwan's great-grandfather Marcus Aurelius Van Leeuwan. 10 million years ago there were 50 species of primate on Earth. This truly was the Planet of the Apes. 2 million years ago Earth witnessed a cosmic event -- likely a supernova by the layer of the rare isotope Fe-60 found from that time period. Was the rise of Homo Sapiens Sapiens to dominance a coincidence?

A Modern (And Modifying) Supernova...

Warnings are given for genetic mutations or interruption of social media, but after a few years the radiation blast is forgotten -- until the prodigies show up in droves. What will they want? What could they invent or think up as these overachivers run circles around the normals? Or maybe they just want to get away from the idiocy all together...Marcus Aurelius writes a paper on Faster-Than-Light propulsion at 13 years old. Even then he knows to hold back because some just could not be trusted with this power.

The Gifted
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The Gifted: A Positive Tale of Mutation
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