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"The first book of this series (Sol is not Lost) was excellent, and ‘For the Ages’ continues the story in the same vein. It is well plotted, with interesting and well-drawn characters as well as cleverly realised worlds in which the events play out. Without wanting to spoil the story, the results of the extra-terrestrial excavations are both unpredictable and well done. The series harks back to an earlier incarnation of science-fiction, with a gritty tone and a nod towards conspiracy theories which are worked into the tale very creatively."

– S. MacAndrew, goodreads.com review

"What a fun book! I loved the thorough explanations of life on another planet and the intermingling of histories across the cosmos. I should probably leave it at that and not spoil it, but it was a great read!

– Andrew Sweet, goodreads.com review

"Fiction written by a scientist. At times it shows. A good story involving new planets containing links to planet earth. A story with heroes who race against time to solve a mystery that involves the future of planet earth. Reads like an episode of Dr Who."

-- Alan Carlton, goodreads reviews

For the Ages
$3.25 USD e-book / 8.75 audio

Alien artifacts are found on Magellan -- a breakaway human colony. Trevor Van Leeuwan and crew must decipher their meaning as similar artifacts are found on Earth. The powers that be have held them for millenia but do not know how amazing they really are. They serve only as props for their power rituals. Have the self-appointed elite kept Man's true destiny from us for over 125 centuries? Follow the adventure in this cat-and-mouse game spanning light-years of space!

For the Ages
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