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The Book Corner is a place to sit, relax, and have a cup of java while we take stock of the day. Have a look at the book offerings here with their descriptions and trailers. Perhaps get an update on the next generation explorers or new discoveries. This little corner is the work of author Michael James Scharen. The works offer adventure, intrigue, conflicts, and innovation in both technology and society. All of these are offered with a good bit of humor, or at least above-average sarcasm. The powers that be have practically given us a gold embossed invitation to do so.

As the author is essentially a one-man-band, the web offerings are always a work in progress where continuous improvements are sought for the reader and book connoisseur. Mr. Scharen holds B.S./M.A. degrees in Physics and worked several years in fledgling R&D areas developing High Transition Temperature ceramic superconductor materials and products. There was also work as manufacturing engineer building two-way text pagers before SMS and smart phones took off. The author has had a lifelong interest in both basic and practical science and engineering. Quite a bit of research was done not only in science or technology, but history, sociology and other areas in writing. This is absolutely essential to maintain any kind of realism in the stories presented. The reader is aware of where to suspend disbelief and where to ponder the possiblities of today and the near future.

Welcome to the Future

It is Closer Than You Think!

List of Offerings

Future Future

Sol is Not Lost: A Space Opera

For the Ages: They Traveled Thousands of Light Years Only to Discover Themselves

The Van Leeuwan Trilogy -- Prequel Series

Future Past (Prequel Series)

The Gifted: A Positive Tale of Mutation

The Serendipity Factor: A Tale of Transition and Transformation