Terms and Conditions

1. Due to the nature of digital products -- All sales are final.

2. All prices are posted in the fiat currency of U.S. Dollars. These prices are issued for reference only due to the volatility of crypto-currencies.

3. The final price paid in crypto-currency and exchange rate will be locked in at the moment the invoice is paid. This is assumed to be understood by the customer.

4. Michael's Book Corner is centered on crypto-currencies as payment. For a choice of crypto-currencies, NowPayments.io charges a nominal fee per transaction of 0.5-1.0%. Our sole payment processor, NowPayments.io, provides a wide range of currencies to choose from, including $USD via credit card or ApplePay. NowPayments.io, through their partners, charges an additional 4% to change Fiat Currency ($USD, euros, etc.) into cryptocurrency for us with all credit card transactions. We wish our customers to have a choice. Issues with NowPayments.io processing via ApplePay or Credit Card must be taken up with NowPaymants.io directly. Michael's has no control over those transactions via their third-party credit card processing partner(s).

5. Product will not be shipped until verification is received by michaelsbookcorner.com. As not all of our processes are automated, shipment may take additional time. If no shipment has been received within 12 hours, then by all means send notice to MJSBookOrders@post.com to reverify the order with us! In general, transactions will be completed very quickly as we value our readers highly.

6. E-books may be sent directly to the delivery e-mail provided in the order. Download links for the larger audiobook files will be sent upon settlement of the order.

7. In placing an order, the customer thereby agrees to these terms and conditions.

More information from NowPayments.io

The NowPayments Link displayed below from NowPayments.io opens in a new tab and outlines the vast array of crytpcurrencies, stable coins, and tokens presently accepted. At the time of this writing, over 70 were processed and more are added every week. One can even make a request to them directly to consider new coins.