Terms and Conditions

1. Due to the nature of digital products -- All sales are final.

2. All prices are posted in the fiat currency of U.S. Dollars. These prices are issued for reference only due to the volatility of crypto-currencies.

3. The final price paid in crypto-currency and exchange rate will be locked in at the moment the order is placed and the payment request is made to NOWPayments.io via their API or via the BTCPay Server invoice. The setting of exchange rate at the time of purchase is assumed to be understood by the consumer.

4. Michael's Book Corner is centered on crypto-currencies as payment until NOWPayments resumes the option for credit cards or ApplePay. For wide range crypto-currencies, NOWPayments.io charges a nominal fee per transaction of 0.5-1.0%. Michaels Book Corner has settled on a limited number of currencies for business reasons -- primarily for faster transaciton times and the avoidance of high transaction fees. Typically, this rules out currencies such as Bitcoin. For Bitcoin we employ BTCPay Server hosted by exitpay.org -- a non-profit node employing the Lightning Network where processing occurs more quickly with very low fees. NowPayments.io, transacts each payment with verification through their API to our webite. Issues with NowPayments.io must be taken up with NowPaymants.io directly.

5. Product will not be shipped until verification is received from NOWPayments.io or BTCPay Server. Our checkout and verification system is highly automated using the NOWPayments.io API. When the customer verifies the order, the next step is to select the payment currency. Once this is done, the order has been placed as this triggers a request for payment from NOWPayments. The customer receives an email with the summary of the order and a wallet address for payment in the specified currency. Upon completion of the transaciton, the customer may visit our Product Downloads Page to enter the Payment ID from the confirmation e-mail. This triggers the verification process through our database to confirm the order does exist as well as through NOWPayments.io for determining that the funds have reached michaelsbookcorner.com. When the payment is verified, another e-mail is sent to the customer with a temporary download link for their order. The download Link takes the customer to the Temporary-URL.com site to complete the download.

6. Orders utilizing the Bitcoin Lightning Network are placed through the Michael's Book Corner Store on the exitpay.org website. When the payment has been verified, the customer and michaelsbookcorner.com will recieve a notice with a record of the order. E-mail will be sent to the customer containing links activating separate e-mail deliveries -- each with an e-book file attached. Audiobook links will be mailed to the customer for download as audio files are too large for e-mail attachment.

7. In placing an order -- the customer thereby agrees to these terms and conditions.

8. Privacy Policy. The website does not use cookies. No customer names are required other that for Contact E-mail. When ordering, the e-mail need not contain any identifying information and is required only for delivery of digital products and customer service. E-mail information is logged in our order database to be used for comparison for orders during the Fulfillment phase or to prevent duplicate deliveries.

9. Website Data Analytics. Consistent with our dedication to privacy, Michaels's Book Corner may use Analytics programs, but only those which do not collect personal data such as Google Analytics. Our purpose is only to gather statistical information such as page views, bounce rates,clicke events and the like to improve customer experience. No indivicual information such as IP addresses are necessary or desireable in maintaining privacy.

More information from NowPayments.io

The NowPayments Link displayed below from NowPayments.io opens in a new tab and outlines the vast array of crytpcurrencies, stable coins, and tokens presently accepted. At the time of this writing, over 70 were processed and more are added every week. One can even make a request to them directly to consider new coins.