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A Humble Blog

This is the page where we can wax philosophic or rant about the state of the world. It is all a matter of perspective, no? One is entitled to curse the darkeness, provided one is able to percieve it properly. But at the same time, we must also strike a match lighting the candle to move forward. Of human fiobles, we will never run out. The real tragedy is repeating them.

Blog entries here are from who have kindly offered to host the database for us. Opening paragraphs will be posted here. Clicking on the title, or (more...) hint will open up the article in a new tab. After all, we don't wish that you should leave us so soon!

The titles of previous posts are listed in the archives below.

NASA Has Failed
August 12, 2021

Let's consider what is purported to be the primary mission of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration -- that of research and development of technologies for the benefit of the American people. I will admit that I know very little of their efforts with regard to civilian commercial aviation and will concentrate on their efforts in space. Of the stated goals, one is to aid in the commercialization of space.
The recent interview of Elon Musk by Tim Dodd -- The Everyday Astronaut -- demonstrates this has been an utter failure. I recently came across another video discussing just how much NASA efforts cost in comparison with the nearly completed aim of SpaceX.(more...)

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