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The Van Leeuwan Trilogy

Three Volume Set -- Prequel to Sol is Not Lost. The Trilogy is the story of Marcus Aurelius Van Leeuwan and friends -- among the first to create faster than light travel. They know this technologies must be kept from sociopaths — a.k.a. governments and their cronies. They fight for Humanity's freedom in the Sol System while seeking a safe haven in deep space. They want a society free of violent hierarchies among the stars; continuing the battle to protect their brethren in the Sol System. Mankind needs an alternative to the suffocating institutions of old. Join the Van Leeuwans and their friends on this voyage of cosmic discovery, of themselves, and the future of mankind. How does one find a safe haven — and then protect it?

Image of single pressure suited person on a Mars hilltop looking down on a small compound.

Image from spacecraft galley of Marcus Aurelius Van Leeuwan with wife Gretchen and son with some of their compatriots.

The Van Leeuwan Trilogy E-Book
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The Van Leeuwan Trilogy E-Book
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Image of Jupiter surface with large round black shadow made by an eclips of one of her moons.

Large settlement on Mars. Large dome at center with radial arms and smaller domes in star pattern.

The Van Leeuwan Trilogy Audio
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The Van Leeuwan Trilogy Audio-Book Set
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Go back to the beginning of the Breakaway Civilization -- by the good guys. In the prequels to Sol is Not Lost and For the Ages, Marcus Aurelius Van Leeuwan -- great-grandfather of Trevor Van Leeuwan is a child prodigy among many who see the world in control of arbitrary violent hierarchies. They wish to strike out on their own, but first need the means to do so. Using their intelligence, wit, and innovative skills, they work against the system much to the chagrin and embarassment of the self-appointed elite. They set out to explore the galaxy, but are bound to protecting their freedom-loving brethren both on Earth and in the Mars colonies -- fighting for the most maligned mintority of all -- the individual human being.

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