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Treason cover showing two climbers on a Mars cliff one several feet higher. The lower climber has just lost his rock hammer and is slipping.


3rd book of the Van Leeuwan Trilogy -- Prequel to Sol is Not Lost. Will Marcus Aurelius and friends return to Earth without contaminating everyone in the Sol System? After finding a new home among the stars — with so much time, effort, and money spent in the search — was there a turncoat among the colonists? Senator/Ex-President Cho, crony arms dealer Malcolom Aldrich and estranged psychotic lover plan a private invasion. Will the Mars Frontier remain free from all government and militarization? Will the planet Magellan herself be a witness in the first trial of the new colony? In this exciting third book, Marcus Aurelius — with family and friends — struggle against the purveyors of mediocrity and social control — striving for freedom in two star systems!

Image of SpaceX style Starship from below as it lands -- engines braking.

Treason E-Book
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Treason E-Book
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Astronaut in pressure suit in front of spacecraft flat panel controls.

Image of the Mariner Valley, Vallis Marineris of Mars from space.

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Marcus Aurelius Van Leeuwan and company may have finally found a home among the stars. Earthlike explanets Magellan and Bering are meant for colonization by freedom-loving humans -- without governments. Has one of their own sold them out? Ex-President Cho plans her own private invasion of the Mars Frontier. Arms dealer Malcolm Aldrich plays all sides as his psychotic, estranged lover plots for revenge and approval. Marcus Aurelius juggles it all while recruiting the most unlikely of allies. Third book in the Van Leeuwan Trilogy.

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