5 Most Recent Posts

The Cruel Solar Winds -- How the magnetosphere protects from cosmic ray particles.
Michael J. Scharen November 1, 2021

The One Book Everyone Must Read -- Examination of the book ‘Government: Indicted’ by Marc Stevens proving government is a criminal enterprise.
Michael J. Scharen September 21, 2021

Propaganda Coup: The Roman Empire Never Died -- How and why Vespasian and the Roman Empire invented Christianity.
Michael J. Scharen September 17, 2021

The Moon Does Not Orbit the Earth -- Dispelling the lazy language which states that the Moon orbits Earth or that Earth orbits the Sun.
Michael J. Scharen September 17, 2021

Starlink Terms of Service -- Commentary on Elon Musk’s statement that no Earth governments would hold sway in SpaceX colonies on Mars.
Michael J. Scharen August 22, 2021