Sending a .mobi E-book File to Your Kindle
Michael James Scharen
November 24, 2021

Many people who use routinely may not be aware of how those books are loaded. Though it is not known by this author how to transfer e-books from a Kindle device other than deleting, e-books may be loaded from sources other than Amazon into the reader which can be very convenient.

Michael's Book Corner offers e-books in either .epub format or .mobi (primarily used for Amazon Kindle). Those are the most popular formats out there. Kindle uses .mobi but all are derived from .epub which is the standard. The Barnes & Noble Nook will read .epub, for example. Programs like MS Word or Adobe will not be able to access those formats. There are any number of free e-book readers out there for PC, tablet, or phone. Regardless of what device one is using, there is bound to be a reader for it. One general purpose e-book reader is called Calibre. It is available for Mac, PC, Linux, and Android. For phone or tablet the Google or Apple stores should have several options available. Calibre will read .pdf, .mobi, .epub files or convert between those choices. Though some claim otherwise, Calibre should not be considered as a source of e-books. Sigil is a far superior choice to get an industry acceptable product of .epub which be converted to any other form, save Amazon's proprietary format converted from .mobi files.

If one normally buys e-books from Amazon, it is a good bet they will be using their Kindle reader. When you buy an electronic book from Amazon, they send the book to your Kindle account (and device) automatically. There is a way for individuals to load books, however. Every Amazon Kindle account has an e-mail address unique to that account. That e-mail address may be accessed inside the Kindle application. It comes as a generic address which you can even change if you wish through your Amazon account. To make a long story short, it is possible to send an e-book to that address from any other e-mail address. The slides above outline the procedures for finding and/or changing a Kindle address online. The email address on a Kindle device may be found by entering settings. The only way to change this address is through the Amazon website.

One may then e-mail the .mobi version to their Kindle reader. The file merely has to be an attachment to the email sent to your Kindle account. Nothing else is needed other than the Kindle address. After sending that e-mail, the book should show up in Kindle.

Policy for .mobi

Since so many customers have Kindle readers, our books are available in that format. There are also free programs to convert the universal .epub format to .mobi. I believe Amazon prefers this special format which is then converted into a proprietary Amazon format called kpf. The point is that you may have a book on your Kindle which you've purchased from Amazon, but then that is where it stays -- in your Amazon account. If you have a copy stored elsewhere in .mobi format, then you can do whatever you like with that copy -- it is truly yours. No doubt this is a way to protect against others running off pirate copies of books and cutting into Amazon sales which is understandable to a point.

At one stage, we considered delivering .mobi copies directly to a Kindle address provided by the customer. The problem with that is that after the file is sent, there's no verification that the mail (and the book) have gone to their proper destination. It is better to send the file or give a download link to the customer provided as the delivery address is also used for customer service. Then, as mentioned, the copy is truly theirs to do what they wish with it. If they get tired of the Kindle reader (which is excellent) then they can install it to some other reader from their archives.