Starlink Terms of Service
Michael James Scharen
August 22, 2021

From Starlink Terms of Service…
“For services provided on Mars, or in transit to Mars via Starship or other colonization craft, the parties recognize Mars as a free planet and that no Earth-based government has authority or sovereignty over Martian activities. Therefore, disputes will be resolved through principles of autonomy, established in good faith, once a Martian settlement has been established .”

This, I discovered, after I wrote the latest of five books. My first book was finished several months before this doctrine appeared at the end of 2020. I had also never heard of The Expanse (honest). However, in The Expanse, Mars clearly has a government and the Belters foolishly desire to have one themselves. My books begin with Sol is Not Lost in which Mars lives in an uneasy state with government compounds — populated with the likes of U.S./E.U./NASA/ESA, Russian, Chinese, Indian and other enclaves in one area of the Valles Marinaris and the New Settlements and the Mars Frontier where people live without a government. They do not have one and they do not need one.

Fig.1 - A rather inaccurate rendering showing Starships on Mars with no support equipment or launch towers.

Of course the covetous nature of the powers that be, along with their meat-brained enforcers and cronies never stops. This cat-and-mouse game between the heroes wishing for themselves and others to become or remain free from arbitrary violent hierarchies is a running theme. My goal was to create action oriented stories with a message. This message comes through individual interactions, plots by the nihilists, as I call them, and counter-plots by the heroes to foil their plans for annexation or usurpation of anything industrially, territorially, or personally that free, hardworking people have built.

My books point out the illogical, immoral, unethical, and disastrous consequences of centralized authority or power. In several places, in a hopefully rational and even humorous or satirical way, I go after governments to point out their hypocrisy and complete lack of accountability. At the same time, I present alternatives. This comes about in at least two court scenes where Socratic method ala Marc Stevens, slowly takes apart any rationalization governments have for their anti-social behavior. I demonstrate alternatives for security, arbitration, prosecution, education, and environmental management as best as I understand them in a voluntary context. We must become better at explaining these concepts to those who just cannot see any other paradigm than their Societal Stockholm Syndrome reinforces.

True anarchists are adamant, and I believe correct in our assessment of the way people have lived for millennia (a topic of my book For the Ages). I know others who are avowed monarchists or my country right or wrong zealots who cannot really defend what they are saying. With one friend who thought Constantine I (The Great?) was such a wonderful guy, I pointed out that he instituted hereditary serfdom which lasted over 1000 years in Europe. That part was left out of his Christian view of history.

Logic cannot cut through a lifetime of gas-lighting propaganda and indoctrination by a government that has even injured them or a loved one personally! Yet they persist with a religious fervor in their defense of it. The deep seated fear instilled in them by a Prussian derived education system is the only thing operating at 100% capacity. This reflex reaction occurs whenever we bring up the alternatives or point out the vast wreckage caused by both intended and unintended consequences.

Dead relatives, ruined lives, negligence and incompetence at the hands of the institution they cherish means nothing. The flag still waves. The fact that governments have been responsible for the deaths of 100 million people in the last century has no effect, though it is a drop in the bucket compared to everyday crime. To them, war is something that just happens and no one is really responsible — either for starting it or putting a stop to it once it starts. War is like the weather, evidently.

The oddest thing of all is that such damages come from their own neighbors once they sit down in the bureaucrat’s chair. Would they behave so horribly with us if they did not have that aura of authority? This I highly doubt. They are inside the club. This is the same tribal mentality we are told that we have outgrown. Why else do police give their friends and family special cards so they can speed or avoid any manner of tickets? Why are City Councilmen charged with crimes given special police escorts? The lowliest bureaucrat at the DMV can ruin three people’s lives before lunch and not bat an eye, then sleep perfectly well that night feeling they just did their job. If you think your neighbor doesn’t have it in him/her, then look what that little bit of an edge, of justification, rationalization, or authority did in Rwanda and ask your friend who is crazier, the statist or the anarchist?